Busy period for Bedale and Aiskew Runners

It’s been a couple of busy weeks for the members of Bedale and Aiskew Runners Club as the summer race season kicks into full action. Fountains 10km on the 15th May saw club runners tackling this undulating course whilst the away run on the 25th May at Melmerby, runners and walkers challenged themselves to the virtual 10km route. This being a Club Handicap Championship Race it was all to run for with some of the athletes achieving PB’s for the course. 26th May and a new event to the club, the NYMac Relays. A team of four ladies entered the F160 Cat. meaning their combined ages met or exceeded 160yrs. Having never done the event and not sure what to expect the team came in a respectable 11th out of 15. On to weekend 28th / 29th May and again the club was well represented with members competing in the Hardmoors 110 – Lena Conlin completing this iconic race on her third attempt and Northallerton 10km – Will Retchless finishing 16th overall in a time of 00:38:35.

Bedale and Aiskew Running Club Membership 2022/23 is NOW OPEN!

Running Club Membership 2022/23


We are now accepting applications and renewals for the 2022/23 membership year. We will need you to fill in the membership form whether you are a new member or an existing member please.

Membership fees for 2022/23 are £40 per year for first claim members (i.e. if you are not a member of another running club), and £31 if you are already a first-claim member of another running club.  A family discount is available for more than 2 members living at the same address, a £10 discount on the 3rd and subsequent members will be applied. The membership year runs from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023. Membership applications made between 1st January 2023 and 31st March 2023 will be subject to a discounted fee of £17.

Please note that your first claim membership with the club, also includes your membership to England Athletics, which in turn provides you with insurance cover, should anything happen whilst you are running, be this at races, with the club or on your own.  In addition, it includes membership to the Bedale and Aiskew Sports Association (BASA) and allows you to use the facilities there.

Please access the ‘Join Our Club’ tab through the website or click the following link.

BAR 48 Hour Endurance Charity Fundraising Event

Bedale and Aiskew Runners are completing a 48 hour endurance run starting on Friday 1st April 2022 and finishing on Sunday 3rd April 2022.

The aim is to have members of BAR running/walking at all times through the 48 hour period.
The route is a 5 mile loop from BASA, through town and back to BASA.

The club is raising money for the

MND Research and Care

We have all been touched by the tragic but uplifting story of Doddie Weir, Rob Burrow and Stephen Darby and the impact that Motor Neurone Disease (MND) has had upon the lives of both themselves and their families. The uplifting element of the story is how they have used their profile to raise funds for MND research and treatment as well as greater awareness of the condition.

MND is a progressive neurological disorder that progressively damages parts of the nervous system and the brain, where the motor neurones gradually stop working and at present it is not known why this happens. It can impact any one at any age, but is more likely to affect people over the age of 50 and is a severely life-shortening condition with symptoms such as muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, slurred speech and twitches.

There is a 1 IN 300 RISK OF BEING DIAGNOSED and sadly at this time there is no known cure and that is why the members of our small running club in North Yorkshire are inspired to support MND, both the research for a cure and the care for those diagnosed with this terrible disease

The club are going to complete a 48 hour endurance running event, with a club member running at all times throughout the 48 hour period, and the club as a whole are looking to run in excess of 1000 miles during the weekend of 1st-3rd April 2022.

The ambition of the club is to raise £4800 to support two distinct charities. The My Names Doddie Foundation which is a foundation working to create a world free of MND, funding research projects and the development of new treatments for MND and the Rob Burrow Centre for MND appeal, which is looking to build a state of the art centre MND care-centre to give people with MND and their families the best possible care and support.

This disease impacts so many people across the UK, and sadly their families too.

As a running club we would be hugely grateful if you could donate towards these 2 amazing causes that are making such a massive difference to MND research and care of those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with the condition.

Thank you to everyone who donates – every £1.00 raised will help the runners stay motivated to keep pounding the streets of Bedale and Aiskew during the 48 hour event!!

We will distribute every penny raised equally between these truly deserving charities.

If anyone wishes to explore any further information about these great charities, please see the links below:-

Rob Burrow centre for MND appeal

My Names Doddie Foundation

Bedale Christmas 5k & 1 Mile Santa Fun Run – 19th December 2021


After the great success of our first Xmas 5k & Fun Run in 2019, this year thankfully we can do it all again. A 3 lap route (1 lap for the Santa fun run) taking in the fabulous Bedale Park & the woodland trail of Keepers Walk.

The Santa Run will take place at 9:00am on Sunday 19th December and all the little legs will get a Xmas hat to run in and a medal at the end.

Entry Fee – 5K race is £7 and 1mile fun run is £3

Enter online now at: 

Assuming this event does not sell out, entry on the day will be available for an additional £2.00.
ENTER NOW to guarantee your place.


Running Club Membership 2021/22


We are now accepting applications and renewals for the 2021/22 membership year. We will need you to fill in the membership form whether you are a new member or an existing member please.

Membership fees for 2021/22 are £30 per year for first claim members (i.e. if you are not a member of another running club), and £21 if you are already a first-claim member of another running club.  A family discount is available for more than 2 members living at the same address, a £10 discount on the 3rd and subsequent members will be applied. The membership year runs from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022. Membership applications made between 1st January 2022 and 31st March 2022 will be subject to a discounted fee of £16.

Please note that your first claim membership with the club, also includes your membership to England Athletics, which in turn provides you with insurance cover, should anything happen whilst you are running, be this at races, with the club or on your own.  In addition, it includes membership to the Bedale and Aiskew Sports Association (BASA) and allows you to use the facilities there.

Please access the ‘Join Our Club’ tab through the website or click the following link.

The 2.6 Challenge

This Sunday should have been the 40th London Marathon in the current situation of lockdown with many fundraising events being cancelled the London Marathon organisers have launched The 2.6 Challenge.  The idea being that from Sunday 26th April you get involved by participating in an activity that involves 2 and 6, whether that be running of walking 2.6 miles, walking up and down stairs 26 times or building in some strength training to support your running with 26 squats, lunges or burpees I know how you all love them!

I see a number of Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) have been getting involved with the #twopointsixchallenge, our Chairman Paul Ellis was blasting out 26 off road hill reps while Sharon completed a fantastic 2.6 miles of hill reps. A brilliant example that it can be something to suit your ability.

A number of other BAR members have been getting involved with a relay challenge organised by PB Sports Therapy, split into 43 legs with 73 runners involved #PBRelayChallenge covered a total of 180.34 miles. Helped be BAR members Paul and Nicola Simpson completeing Harmby / Spennithorne to Hunton, Ann Harrington with Rookwith to Spennithorne for a scenic run across the fields, Becky Smith with Masons Gin to Bedale Sport club. After a false start on Saturday and needing some medical treatment Lena Conlin went virtual to Bedale beck to Snape, hope you mend soon Lena.

Coming up from BAR we are introducing a Virtual C25k, to help those who are struggling, may have fallen out or love, are returning from injury or simply want to seize the moment to start. There will be 3 sessions a week Monday, Wednesday and Saturday over 9 weeks, following a downloadable App, with the support of the Bedale & Aiskew Runners club coaches on hand to message and ask question of. Sharing of your personal activities and achievement will be encouraged within a Virtual C25k group, for more information


Routes Special – Bedale off road

So lockdown has been extended, as the day light gets longer and hopefully the days warmer I hope we are all staying safe and looking after ourselves both physically and mentally. To keep the ideas flowing for solo running I took note of a challenge the other week for an off road route, so here goes…

Bedale to Snape 10k

A route many with recognise large parts of as Snape 10k with a different start position in the route heading off from Bedale towards Exelby down Southend. Leaving town and following the road initially until you reach a track on the right, Lord’s Lane. Passing Lord’s Moor Farm continuing on, as the track bends to the right of the second time take the footpath. Crossing the field and sweeping round to the left to pick up the field boundary. Crossing a ditch, continuing to follow the field boundaries until you reach a track; Ings Lane. Turning right towards Snape as you reach the village take the track to the right Bogs Lane, the lane turns to field boundaries. Following the footpath through a short section of woods and out into pasture land, crossing this new undulating ground towards a track baring right to roughly follow the track until the footpath turns left for a short distance to reach to road in Firby. Reaching the road turning right, returning to Bedale down Firby Road, to make it a round 10k cross Masham Road continuing straight on until you reach The Wynd turning right and then nearly immediately left. Take the road past the Fire Station following it round through the arch way and out onto North End. There are various options to add a little more to this route.


Firby across the fields 5k

Again heading off from Bedale down Southend, to Iddison Drive turning right then first left on to Stapleton Close following the curve of the road round the green space to the 3rd left Nattrass Walk. At the end of Nattrass Walk pick up the footpath to the right initially along the back if the houses. Then on along a well-trodden path across the fields, before popping out through the trees onto Firby Road. Turning right on Firby Road returning to Bedale, cross Masham Road continuing straight on until you reach The Wynd turning right and then nearly immediately left. Take the road past the Fire Station following it round, turning left through the pedestrian gate in to Bedale Park then turning left and following the footpath round anti-clockwise to reach the 5k target.

Routes Special – Crakehall

With tonnes of interest in the previous Routes Specials, this week we are heading to Crakehall for the route ideas. Crakehall is approx. 2 miles west of Bedale, these routes offer potential extensions or modifications if Bedale was your starting location.


Crakehall Langthorne loop

Heading off towards Kirkbridge on the lane passing Crakehall Cricket pitch, winding your way down the lane next to the beck. The lane becomes walled with hedges as you head on towards Langthorne, passing through the village and continuing on. Turning left on to Hallow Moor Lane at the end turning left again onto North Road, distracted by the scenery and rolling towards Little Crakehall. Cross the main road taking the foot bridge, following the foot path round the road side to the village green at Crakehall. This shortish loop is 7.2k / 4.5m, can easily be extend by 2.6k / 1.6m by on leaving Langthorne continuing straight along the lane to Hackforth, taking a hard left onto North Road picking up the route back to Crakehall.


Crakehall uphill and down dale!

Setting off from Crakehall leaving down Station Road this is an undulating challenge! Over the level cross of the Wensleydale Railway and crossing Sinks Lane on to Cowling Lane. Starting the main climb of the route, on the infamous Burrill Bank before dropping down sharply into Cowling. At the bottom of the decent tunring right on to the metalled road of High Lane with a subtle incline the terrain is the challenge on here. Following High Lane to the end where it reaches the road turning right toward No Man’s Moor Land and on to Brompton Road through Newton-le-Willows.

Straight through Newton-le-Willows, continuing to challenge the leg. On reaching the A684 turning right to Patrick Brompton, picking up the foot path at the side of the road round the first bend in the village and on past the church. At the second bend take the junction to the left passing Pastures Green and following the lane as it leaves Patrick Brompton. At the end of the road turning right onto North Road, returning to via Little Crakehall and reaching the A684 again. Cross the main road taking the foot bridge, following the foot path round the road side to the village green at Crakehall.

Routes Special

Lock down is here and we are having to work out what is our new normal! To continue to give a variety of ideas here is a couple of routes; one short one and a longer one. Keeping close to Bedale, enabling routes to be adapted to setting off from home.

‘It’s not Parkrun’ Exelby

Leaving Exelby heading away from the Green Dragon towards on the lane towards Exelby Close, following this to the end. Picking up the footpath to Lord’s Moor Farm on reaching Lord’s Lane turn right. At the end of Lord’s Lane turn right on to Exelby Road, passing Bridge Grange Farm crossing the narrow bridge. Shortly afterwards taking the road on the left, Westfield Lane at the end turning right and returning to Exelby for a 5.1k.

To shorten this route at Westfield Lane you can continue to follow Exelby Road back to the Green Dragon giving a 4.4k.


Round Bedale half

Setting off from the Market Cross in Bedale towards Bedale Golf club and onwards towards BSC. Before reaching BSC pick up the footpath across the back if the football and cricket pitches passing through the small gate and on across the field. Continuing to follow the field boundary over a stile and along the next field. On reaching the track turn right crossing the railway line, continuing to follow the footpath as it narrows through trees and on around field boundaries until you reach Kirkbridge. On meeting the road follow this through Langthorne and on towards Hackforth, turning right before the village on to Bowbridge Lane.

Meeting the relief road turning left following the road over the fly-over then turning right towards Kirkby Fleetham, following Low Street to Leeming Bar. Picking up the route of the old ‘Great North Road’ through Leeming Bar and on to Leeming Village, at the end of the Village take Mill Lane opposite the Willow Tree pub. Baring right on Mill Lane on to the footpath following this along the side, then under the A1, over the roundabout at McDonald’s down the short footpath to Bedale Road.

Turn left towards Bedale and on the last leg of the route, as you reach the boundary of Aiskew take the footpath to the left. Cross the railway line and on through the foot gate to the right, follow the track across the top of the fields as it bends left and down the next field, bare right across the end of a field then right again to a stile leading to Love Lane. Turning left on Love Lane, then taking the footpath to the right towards Big Sheep Little Cow and on down Back Lane at the end turn left, then bare right up Emgate to the finish at the Market Cross.

Looking ahead to next weekend and looking for a bit of inspiration! How about showing your support to the hard work of our NHS staff with #5KGardenGrind. Take inspiration from the French man Elisha Nochomovitz who spent a grand total of 6 hours and 48 minutes running 26.2 miles around a 7m balcony of his apartment in Toulouse. Imagine that….

More information about #5KGardenGrind at;

Beautiful Yorkshire – routes special

We are in very strange times as we all struggle to understand the best action to take and having dig deep for motivation to solo run while listen to the advice to ‘social distance’. As a club to we are continuing to monitor advice from England Athletics, NHS England, and Public Health England, it was through direct advice of England Athletics to suspend all activities, currently until end April.

We are all in this together, although we are not meeting and running together we can continue to share stories of our runs through Facebook; BAR club members, Whatsapp; BAR members group Strava; Bedale Aiskew Runners. I’d like to take this opportunity are feature a number of routes to give inspiration in these difficult times, coving a range of distances.

‘BAR it’s not a Park Run’

A 5k loop, fast and flat on some relatively quiet country lanes. While staying local and exploring a different route option to regular ones run from BSC. This route is great for isolation, passing only a few houses and short of running the villages. With approx. 1m warm up on Low Street by setting off from Leeming Bar. On reaching the first right your ‘it’s not a Parkrun’ starts here, taking the road to the right Fence Dyke Lane running all the way to the end. Then turning left on to Fleetham Lane towards Little and Great Fencote. On reaching St Andrews Church take the road to the left in front of the church, running to the end of the road and turning left for the final side of the square with a slight down-hill to the finish.

Kirkby Malzeard 10k

Some will remember this being part of the Black Sheep Brewery race series, the race was last run in 2014. This 10K roughly circular route on picturesque rural roads and metalled bridleways, again great for isolation. Starts on the main street Kirkby Malzeard outside of Highside Butchers running up the village then turning left back on yourself and down Back Lane until you reach Warren Lane. Turning right away from the village, to the first right on to back lane on reaching Laverton, turn right then in the middle of the village left over a little bridge over a stream. On leaving Laverton you hit the first real effort of the route, a long climb up to Missies Lanes. Turning left and undulating along at possible the highest past of the route, giving opportunity to take in the scenery looking to your left across the valley at the vista towards Kirkby Malzeard and your route to the end. At the end of the road turning left heading down-hill on Gate Bridge Road, across a narrow bridge into a series of bends. Leaving the bends on Warren Lane on a gentle climb, reaching a road on the left turning towards Laverton on reaching the village take the road on the right, retracing your early steps round the lane at the end turning left. As you re-enter Kirkby Malzeard taking the left onto Back Lane, on reaching the Green the route teases you, your nearly home! Turning left for follow the road round the Green, then left and immediately left behind the houses and on to a track leading you onto Highside playing fields to the end of your run.


Facebook BAR club members

Strava Bedale Aiskew Runners

Whatsapp BAR members group

Thirsk 10m

With spring in the air on a bright and breezy morning 20 intrepid Bedale & Aiskew Runners (BAR) headed to the close by Thirsk 10. On a new route for 2020, flat and fully on roads ideal for fast times. Setting off on Newsham Road heading towards Kirby Wiske before turning and heading south though Sandhutton. With an out and back before returning through Carlton Miniott to Thirsk Racecourse and finishing in front of the Grandstand. Some excellent running and quick times, first home for BAR was Will Retchless in a personal best (PB) of 1:05:53, next was Ben Smith in 1:12:21 and Jason Ashford 1:13:25. First lady home for BAR was Karen Alford in 1:33:41, followed by Julie Elsey in 1:35:20 and Alison Grayson & Alison Barron 1:36:42 & 1:36:44.

The route lent its speed to a number of members, enabling PB’s for Nick Wilson in 1:25:39, Nichola Malton in 1:37:08, Ann Harrington in 1:38:45, Jude Newell in 1:38:56 and Joanne Sinnott in 1:41:46. For BAR 2nd claim members Paul Simpson a PB in 1:08:21, two of the senior members of BAR also had quick times, 3rd in M70 for Paul Bainbridge in 1:21:34 and Raymond Lightle in 1:30:28.

Finishing the field of BAR runners Henry Anderson (1:27:23), Jess Mallinson (1:46:07), Caroline Pounder (1:48:15), Claire Rogers (1:52:38), and Michelle Dinsdale (1:55:21).

BAR club Chairman Paul Ellis headed over to Carlisle for the Carlisle Half Marathon, starting and finishing at the Carlisle Football club. A fast flat route Paul had a superb run for 3rd in age category, 33rd overall in 1:27:20.

Catterick Parkrun take-over & C25k graduation

Bedale and Aiskew runners (BAR) took over the hosting of Catterick Parkrun this weekend, celebrating the graduation of their most recent Couch to 5k (C25k).

On a damp morning the atmosphere was brought alive with the regular Catterick spirit, supported by 27 fabulous volunteers from BAR helping the smooth running of the event. Along with the cheering, high fiving and bell ringing support, BAR swelled the running support with some extra pacers at 25min Paul Berry, 28min Will Retchless, 30min Ann Harrington hitting her 50th Parkrun, 33min Nichola Malton, 35min Louise Baker and 38min Michelle Dinsdale. All with excellent pacing, close to their target times, chatting and cheering along the way.

A massive 25 BAR members running, including 8 first timers many of who are C25k graduates. Congratulations to Chris Pritchard, Charlotte Rudd, Poppy Bean, Nina McWhinney, Fiona King, Fiona Fieldhouse, Mel Thornton-Grace and Tailwalker Mary McDonald on completing their first Parkrun. Congratulation to Beth Capel and Claire Bean for showing that if at first you don’t succeed try again! You will come back stronger; Claire showed this with a personal best in 35:01, and Beth 4 seconds faster than her first Parkrun in 33:12.

Huge congratulations goes to BAR Chairman’s daughter Matilda Ellis achieving a PB and new JW10 course record of 21:39, taking nearly 1 minute off her pervious course record with an amazingly strong run.

A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers and especially to Stuart Black to stepping up to Run Director, it was an exceptional event.

Lightwater Valley 10k

With the break in the weather lots of members attended Lightwater Valley 10k, a bright and blowy day with spring in the air. The race brought some challenging head winds on its synonymous ‘W’ profile. It was top conditions for a number to personal bests (PB’s) leading the BAR team home was Paul Ellis achieving his first sub 40 in 39:38 and 11th overall. Also running the ‘W’ in a PB was Paul Grayson in 43:38, Nick Wilson in 53:38, smashing nearly 2mins off her time from 2019 Alison Barron ran in 57:51, followed in by Julie Elsey achieving her first sub 1hour in 58:32, Joanne Sinnott in 1:04:17 with Caroline Pounder 1:04:19 close behind. With a massive 21 BAR members running in total there were many more fabulous times, finishing 28th overall, then Matt Randall in 48:43, Tony Clark in 50:41, taking over 30seconds off his 2019 and 1st in M70 was Paul Bainbridge in 51:04, followed by Andy Gibb 52:37.  The first lady home for the BAR team was and over 3mins faster than last year was Louise Baker in 54:16, Karen Alford in 55:05, Claire Temple in 57:52, Nichola Malton in 60:48, Jen Morrison Douglas in 61:18, Ann Harrington in 61:37 and Jess Mallinson in 66:00. Five minutes quicker than last year was Michelle Dinsdale 70:47, in her first 10k Sarah Pardington in 71:13.

BAR members attended at four different Parkruns last Saturday, with the majority running, or helping as volunteers, at Catterick. There, Raymond Lightle completed his 147th Parkrun and Ann Harrington reached the 49 mark, while being within 7 seconds for a 32 minute pacing target. Both will attain a significant landmark very soon. Michelle Dinsdale has already run in 184 events at all courses. This was her 24th appearance at Catterick and resulted in a course PB of 31.56. An easier target is to record a PB on your second run at the course, but an achievement to be proud of nonetheless; Andrew Young with a time of 24.09, and Becky Smith’s daughter, Isabel, in the JW10 age category, in 31.56, achieved this, encouraged by her mum.

Other runners at Catterick were Carys Samuel (23.10), Nicola Malton (28.22), Marian Hunter (28.34), Sarah Pardington (32.11), Joanne Fawcett (36.17), and Wendy Kelvin (51.24). Those who acted as officials were: John Hunter, Ruth Hancock, Claire Temple, Sarah Pardington, Ann Harrington and Paul Bainbridge.

At Darlington, Charlotte Wardle, returning from a long term injury, recorded a course PB of 23.36, and was 8th woman out of 163. While at Northallerton Will Retchless was having a steady run before the Lightwater 10K the next day, and at Keighley James and Joanne Wigglesworth ran together flying the BAR colours.

BAR Annual Dinner & Awards night

The Bedale and Aiskew Runners annual Presentation Evening took place last week at the club’s home venue, at the newly refurbished Bedale Sports Club.

The main hall looked wonderful after a great deal of hard work by committee members, when everyone sat down to a splendid three course meal. After a warm welcome from chairman, Paul Ellis, various trophies and awards were presented between courses, followed with club member Chris Pritchard entertaining with some well-chosen songs. Tables were cleared, dancing began, an excellent evening was had by all.

The Club Championship awards were after the starters, with Rebecca Smith receiving the title after several years of near misses. Rebecca had taken part in 12 of the designated races, with the best 6 performances counting towards the title. This included 1st place at Snape 10K and Sessay 6K.  Louise Baker was the runner up, after achieving a lifetime best of 53:26 at Richmond Castle 10K, a full 5 minutes improvement over the year.

In the men’s championship 12 athletes qualified, with the top 8 in with a chance of the title until the final few races. Will Retchless was the previous year’s champion and again set the pace through the year with some outstanding performances in 10Ks at Doncaster, Snape and going sub 40minutes at Snape, to retain his title. He was pushed all the way by a fast-improving James Bartram, who finished in front of Will on the James Herriot trail race. However overall, he was awarded the runner up title.

The Handicap awards are worked on a percentage taking age into consideration so that comparisons can be made. The women’s Handicap Champion was Alison Grayson, with runner up Ann Harrington. In the men’s Handicap Raymond Lightle was runner up this year after winning the previous three, with Paul Bainbridge taking the trophy for the first time. Raymond however won the award for the most consistent attendee at club night, closely followed by club secretary Mary McDonald.

There were awards for Best Individual Effort during the year. Tash Miller won the women’s award after running her first marathon in Manchester and completing 90K in the Equinox 24hour event. Club chairman Paul Ellis won the men’s award for 1st place in the gruelling Slaithwaite marathon and completing the Fellsman and Lakes-in-a-day trail races.

Matt Randall led a long list of candidates for the Parkrun award. He started the Couch to 5K programme in Autumn ’18, regularly running and/or volunteering at Parkrun events, with a sub 20minute personnel best, to be one of the fastest in the club.

The most improved runner trophy always attracts plenty of candidates, particularly this year with the introduction of several different training groups.  After much deliberation the committee awarded this coveted prize to Alison Grayson who had started on the first Couch to 5K programme Autumn ‘18, progressed through to the 10K group, and is now preparing to run in the upcoming London Marathon. 

Parkrun update

There is an ever increasing number of Bedale and Aiskew Runners turning out on a Saturday morning to get their weekly dose of 5K exhilaration. The wind was blowing but this did not deter 23 BAR members, plus 2nd claim Lena Conlin, to run at the Catterick course.

Laura Hewitt is nearing her century of runs on 95, and Ann Harrington ran her 48th, nearing the coveted half century. There were four all time personal bests (PBs) with Nicola Malton recording 27:50 in her 9th appearance, Alison Barron 27:11 in her 11th, Katy Bamber 30:11 in her 20th, and Sarah Pardington topping the list with 31:48 in her 27th run. David Fox was pleased with a Catterick course record of 30:59, beating his time from 2 weeks ago by a massive 35 seconds. Well done to all.

Will Retchless, 7th in 18:51, and Paul Ellis, 9th in 19:22, were under the magic 20 minute target, with Matt Randall, 16th in 20:46, the third BAR member to finish out of a total of 245 runners. Becky Smith was 4th woman overall in 22:23, out of 106 altogether.

Fountains Abbey PR attracted over 400, with Leigh Ellar (30:33) and Michelle Dinsdale (34:48) the BAR representatives. At Northallerton David and Helen Adams, and Nick Wilson took part, while further up the A1 at Darlington Paul Bainbridge ran his quickest time of the year, with Charlotte Wardle testing out a recovering injury very successfully, finishing in 23:46.

High Cup Nick & Harewood House

Eventually the Club Champions got under way with races this weekend, on Saturday it was a family outing for the Ellis family to High Cup Nick fell race. In the junior races the youngest Mollie leading the way coming 1st in her age group and Matilda cutting her teeth on muddy off road races finishing 5th. The main race of the day, a 15km fell race with 450m ascent on the edge of the Eden Valley taking you up a challenging scramble to the amazing High Cup Nick. Before returning mostly along the Pennine Way into scenic village of Dufton. In brutal conditions Paul Ellis finished in 1:27:31, 13th in his age category.

Followed on Sunday with Harewood House half marathon, a tough hilly challenging trail run. With miles of muddy tracks, steep forest inclines and grass paths, all within the stunning grounds of Harewood House. Two BAR members took to the very muddy trails Jason Ashford finishing in 1:56:51 and Henry Anderson in 2:18:08. Taking a shorter although equally though challenge at Harewood, Julie Elsey ran the 10k event finishing in 1:00:30.

The weather continued to affect Parkruns. There were cancellations because of flooding or tree falls, or taking part in very strong winds. The exposed course at Catterick still attracted 171 hardy soles to brave the very windy conditions, including 7 BAR members. Ruth Hancock and Ann Harrington combined a volunteering role as tail walkers, with Ann nearing her half century mark on 47 appearances. David Fox was well wrapped up as a volunteer marshal, encouraging the runners on their way. Raymond Lightle was the first BAR member to finish followed by Alison Barron, John Hunter and Sarah Pardington. They all deserve admiration for turning out on such a morning.

Matt Randall completed his 49th Parkrun overall and 2nd at Bracknell, finishing 11th out of 243 taking part, with Jess Mallinson in her 1st appearance on this course, 179th. Making the Bedale and Aiskew vest a little more international; Will Retchless took a trip to Krakow in Poland ran the local 5K route in 19.12 to finish 19th out of 199 taking part.

In other events Michelle Dinsdale took a trip to Pocklington in East Yorkshire, running the Snake Lane 10miler. A fairly flat route, winding its way through beautiful East Yorkshire countryside at the foot of the glorious Wolds, enabling Michelle to a finish in 2:03:53.

Parkrun’s Saturday 15th February

The Fountains Abbey Parkrun this week was designated as the second club championship run of 2020. However like the first run last week at the Muddy Boots 10K, it was cancelled due to the strong winds and rain.

However 13 Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) turned up at the Catterick course for their 5K start to the weekend. David Fox was pleased with his course record of 31:34 after 12 runs. All time personal bests were achieved by Jude Newell after 8 runs, husband Steve after 10, but topped by James Wigglesworth with an all time PB of 22:04 after 20 appearances.

Matt Randall, who is nearing his half century, on 48 runs was first Bar to finish in 21:03, closely followed by Chris Lees with 21:16. Ann Harrington, with 27:37,  is keeping up her 100% appearance in 2020 and is now on 46 parkruns in total, with Michelle Dinsdale on 33:01 and Joanne Wigglesworth on 36:31.

Club champion Will Retchless was pacing a friend this week finishing in 29:01, while the club’s ‘more elderly boys’, John Hunter (31:28), Raymond Lightle (26:15) and Paul Bainbridge (24:19) completed the BAR finishers.

Jess Mallinson and Matt Randall logged up a well respected volunteer point on the day.

Club Chairman, Paul Ellis, and daughter, Matilda, ran the Darlington parkrun, with Paul storming to an all time PB after 15 runs, of 19:08, and a position of 7th out of 362 taking part. Matilda who is in the F10 age group finished 2nd female overall out of 139, in a time of 22:06, and an all time PB after 17 runs. How long before she catches her dad?

Carys Samuel (23:26) at Finsbury Park, Leigh Ellar (29:50) at York, and Nicky Harland (28:33) at Northallerton completed the Bar involvement last Saturday.

Hardmoors Saltburn Trail Marathon

As Storm Ciara suspended the start of the Club Championship with the very sad news the Muddy Boots was cancelled due to the strong winds and rain. Mean-while there were some hardy souls out on the moors for Hardmoors Saltburn Trail Marathon. It was 29miles, with strong winds and driving rain making the paths like rivers in places and lots of mud making it ever more challenging, with the occasion light relief of a tail wind. Stuart Black was running from BAR finishing safely in 6:45:37.

Before the storm Saturday saw BAR members busy at Parkruns, with 20 members running at a numbers of Parkruns. A trio of personal bests (PB’s) at Tees Barrage for Will Retchless in 18:37, James Bartram in 19:00 and Chris Burton 21:53, and at Darlington South Park Paul Ellis ran a consistent 19:18 matching his PB.

A huge BAR turnout at Catterick Parkrun with 16 members and 7 PB’s, for the 3rd consecutive week a PB for James Wigglesworth in 22:15. Followed with PB’s from David Adams in 24:11, Mark Temple in 25:55, Alison Barron in 27:13, Nichola Malton in 30:10, Katy Bamber in 30:57 and a course PB for Michelle Dinsdale in 32:16. Other BAR members at Catterick providing essential support to the running of the event by volunteering were Matt Randall, Ann Harrington and Helen Adams.

Pie ‘n’ Pint, Pateley

A wild and windy start to February on the North Yorkshire hills near Pateley Bridge, two Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) took to some fabulous trail running on a 5 mile loop for the Pateley Pie n Pint. Run on mixed undulating terrain, you are distracted by the beautiful scenery and a pie and pint in your goodie bag when you finish. With a choice of distances running multiple laps of the 5 mile course, thick with mud in places, Julie Esley ran the 10mile event in 2:00:36 and BAR 2nd claim member went for the Marathon distance finishing 13th in 5:27:33.

A cracking week at Parkruns with 10 BAR members at Catterick, a strong run for Will Retchless in a quick 19:36 to finish 2nd, a personal best (PB) for the second consecutive week for James Wigglesworth in 22:43 and for BAR 2nd claim member Nicola Simpson a quick time of 21:01 saw her rewarded as the 1st lady home. In other statistics Raymond Lightle took the crown for the most Catterick Parkruns, having run 111 times of 129 events.

Seven BAR members travelled to the stunning Fountains Abbey, Nichola Malton being rewarded with a PB is 30:48. Just a few BAR members at Northallerton in slippery conditions, Paul Ellis finishing 3rd overall in 20:32 and a second consecutive course PB for Nick Wilson in 26:05.

Marrakesh Marathon

James Bartram excitedly travelled to Morocco to compete in the Marrakesh Marathon, and boy did he enjoy it, recording an amazing personal best (PB) of 3:09:58, he really wasn’t expecting! Conditions were perfect on a very flat route, with the distant horizon of the snow capped Atlas Mountains. On the streets you hardly know there was a marathon going on with the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Marrakesh carrying on. Dodging motorbikes and children along the way, and in the last few hundred meters a scooter crash went sliding down the road, James thoroughly recommends it as definitely a unique experience!

Meanwhile back in chilly, damp blighty Joanne Sinnott headed over to Manchester and Heaton Park, home to a Grade 1 listed neoclassical 18th century house. Running on the paths within Heaton Park, with tough weather conditions and an aptly named ‘angina hill’. Joanne finished in a fabulous 2:24:56.

There were Bedale & Aiskew Runners taking part in various Parkruns, with Paul Ellis coming 3rd at Catterick only 1 second behind his PB in 19:19. Julie Elsey smashing nearly 2 minutes of her previous PB finishing in 27:20 with Karen Alford close behind also running a PB in 27:33, and doing stunning work pacing for those aiming at 25minutes Matt Randall ran 24:54. At Northallerton there were PB’s for Nick Wilson in 26:16, Nicky Harland in 28:21, Nichola Malton in 31:53, and course PB for Katy Bamber in 31:58 and Ruth Hancock in 32:09. That’s a stunning 30% of BAR runner finishing in PB’s, shows our hard work!

Weekly Update

A huge turnout at Parkrun with 23 Bedale & Aiskew Runners (BAR) taking part at 3 local Parkruns. The largest contingent of BAR members at Catterick, 19 in total with strong running and personal bests (PB’S) for James Wigglesworth in 22:45, Beth Grayson in 26:10 and a course PB for Will Retchless in a stunning 18:48. Very important volunteers Matt Randall pacing at 25min and Tracey Tickner tail walker.

At other local Parkruns there were to further PB’s at Darlington South Park for Stephen Newell in 25:15 and Jude Newell in 28:58.  At Northallerton strong running from 2 BAR members maintaining consistent time for Paul Bainbridge and Nick Wilson.

Two BAR members headed south to the Longshaw Estate, Derbyshire for the fourth edition of the Wildest Peaks Winter trail run. Heading northwards to do a circuit of Hathersage Moor, Carl Wark & Higger Tor before dropping into Padley Gorge followed the short route turns back to the Longshaw Estate to complete the 10.6km with 250m of climbs. The longer heads on along Curbar, Froggatt and Baslow Edges; the return to the finish is across the wide open moorlands of Big Moor and Totley Moor completing 25.6km with approx. 500m of climbs. Both routes gave some fabulous trail running with shoe sucking mud David Adams ran the long route in an excellent 2:53:47 and Helens Adams and the short route in 1:18:27 finishing 2nd in her age category.

On an undulating quiet roads with stunning views Gargrave Half Marathon; an out and back route, a last minute change from the loop due to icy conditions, Julie Elsey ran a fabulous first half marathon in 2:09:13.

NYSD Cross Country, Ormesby Hall

On at bright and frosty January morning 4 Bedale & Aiskew Runners (BAR), headed to Ormesby Hall near Middlesbrough for North Yorkshire South Durham (NYSD) Cross Country. At the start the ground was extremely heavy going, trying to suck the shoes off your feet. After the heavy going of the first field the runners got some light relief on the hall drive way, before entering the woods and the mud greasy like a skating rink to run on. The ladies ran 2 laps of this course, BAR members Louise Baker and Jess Mallison christening their Cross Country legs finishing well; Louise in 34:45, 69th of 116 and  in 40:52, 98th. As the ladies race finished the senior mens race set off on 3 laps of the course, taking part from BAR were Matt Randall and Raymond Lightle. With some stunning quick running in the men’s field, Matt finished strong in 43:29, 83rd and Raymond Lightle 53:39, 129th. A tough race for all taking part, a huge sense of accomplishment and a well-earned rest afterwards.

The next NYSD Cross Country is Sunday 16th February at Richmond on the Old Racecourse.

Sunday 26th January is the first Trust 10 trail run of 2020. Trust 10 trail runs are monthly 10k’s organised at a number of National Trust properties around the country. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or a sociable jog with picturesque scenery of stunning National Trust properties. The closest to BAR is at Ormesby Hall. It is a turn up and register system, they are free to run events. Registration opens at 8.30am with the run start at 9am, further details available at .

Weekly update

A busy weekend at the local Parkruns, 20 Bedale and Aiskew Runners were out at 4 different Parkruns. On a bright but very blustery day 13 BAR members were at Catterick, dispite the wind three BAR members achieved personal bests; James Wigglesworth in 22:50, Beth Grayson in 26:24 and Sarah Pardington 31:56. Also putting in strong consistent runs were; Matt Randall in 21:17, Chris Lees in 21:50, Claire Temple 25:43, Mark Temple 26:54, and Karen Alford 28:43. All important for the running of Parkrun the voluntees this week supported by Michelle Dinsdale and Nicola Simpson.

At Northallerton in slippery muddy conditions there were a trio of BAR members keep up the effort; Paul Bainbridge 25:34, Nick Wilson 26:48 and David Fox 33:19. Travelling slightly further to Stewart Park at Middlesbrough with strong consistent runs were Ruth Hancock in 33:24, Karen Theaker in 33:33 and Gemma Wardle in 35:50. Taking on one of the toughest Parkruns in the country at Flatts Lane Woodland Country Park, in windy conditions on good trail paths with a tough hill Paul Ellis finished in 21:28.

Kielder Winter 10mile trail

The first weekend of the New Year, Bedale & Aiskew Runners (BAR) are off to a flying start with running challenges. A recent newcomer to BAR with vast experience, David Adams has been tackling the challenging terrain of Kielder Forest. Kielder Winter 10mile trail run takes in amazing trails of Kielder Forest crossing the Kielder viaduct before taking on some single track, open forest tracks, sections of the old railway, with 320m of ascent the route provides some testing climbs & exhilarating descents, David finished in a fabulous 1:31:39.

BAR members have been busy at Parkrun’s this weekend 20 members running both locally and further afield. At Catterick 13 BAR members were running and 3 volunteers, essential to enabling Parkrun’s to go ahead thanks to Paul & Sally Bainbridge, tail walker Tracey Tickner. Congratulations to Karen Alford on completing her 50th Parkrun and only 2 seconds from a personal best (PB), two BAR members had a great start to the New Year with PB’s, well done David Fox in 31:39 for a course PB and Sarah Pardington in 32:02.

At other Parkruns locally at Northallerton; Ann Harrington completed her 40th Parkrun and Laura Hewitt her 90th Parkrun. Running at Darlington were James and Joanne Wigglesworth supporting each other to the finish. A little further afield at Tees Barrage, Chris Burton finished in 22:46, Ken Mountains headed to Oakwell Hall near Batley for an undulating two looped course, Ken finished in 34:30. Heading to South Yorkshire for a relatively new Parkrun at Cusworth Hall on only its 13th event, Louise Baker took the scenic route through the Hall grounds, looping back and forth on its self with lots of opportunity to support fellow runners. The route is on mixed terrain; paths and fields, both mainly good under foot, with a sneaky hill returning towards the Hall before sweeping round of a speedy finish on the Hall drive, Louise finished in 27:03.

Captain Cook’s & Parkrun Doubles

Welcoming the New Year a number of Bedale & Aiskew Runners (BAR) were out at events.

Paul Ellis BAR chairman headed to Great Ayton for Captain Cook’s Fell race. An 8km event heading out from Great Ayton up, round Ayton Banks Woods and Round Hill Woods, with 318m of climbing. Paul had a challenging run finishing 100th in a field of 449 in 40:51, a fresh start for the New Year.

In a challenge of a different kind this time combining hills we ultra-distance Stuart Black was out supporting the Hardmoors 30. Stuart was sweeping the 30 mile circular route, ensuring no-one got stuck in the mud! The route followed the old railway lines north between Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby before heading southwards along the Cleveland Way to Robin Hoods Bay and then rejoining the old Railway lines passing through Ravenscar along the way to Hayburn Wyke.

New Year’s day was a day for Parkrun doubles, with some events managing staggered starting times enabling travel between events. Ann Harrington headed to Harrogate finishing in a time of 30:14 and then on to Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough in 34:00. Three BAR members headed north to Sedgefield completing the single lap course was Laura Hewitt in 30:01, Ruth Hancock in 35:01 and Katy Bamber in 35:02. Then to Darlington South Park with consistency Laura Hewitt finished in 29:18, followed by Ruth Hancock in 34:53, and Katy Bamber in 35:36. A few other BAR members joined them at Darlington South Park for a warm, bright New Year’s day run; Paul Bainbridge in 24:24, Raymond Lightle in 25:14, Louise Baker in 27:10 and Sarah Pardington in 34:54. Doing some Parkrun tourism Paul and Nicola Simpson were are Peckham Rye Parkrun, Paul finishing in 20:49 and Nicola in 22:07.

Jolly Holly Jog

On a mild day for the time of year 14 BAR members were out at Jolly Holly Jog burning off the Christmas Turkey! A testing undulating route mainly on fields and tracks, with much mud along the way, sometimes felt like one foot forward 3 backwards! Setting off from Hell Wath Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Ripon, into the stunning scenery of Studley Royal Deer Park over the seven bridges looping right handed and heading out through the main gate at Fountains Abbey. Returning up Plumpton Lane for a second time before turning left for a short steep climb in Mackershaw Woods and back to finish at the start on Hell Wath Nature Reserve. First home for the BAR team was Paul Ellis in 42:18 followed closely by James Bartram in 42:52, then Ben Smith in 48:17, Becky Smith and Chris Lees in 51:18. In the M70 category Paul Bainbridge finished 2nd in 54:32 and Raymond Lightle 3rd in 57:49, next home was Claire Temple in 59:03, Andy Gibb in 1:01:54, Louise Baker in 1:02:32, Julie Elsey in 1:04:53, Ann Harrington in 1:08:04, Laura Hewitt in 1:10:52 and Joanne Sinnott in 1:12:28.

Fourteen BAR members were out Christmas morning for Parkrun at Catterick, on a crisp morning good to blow away the cobweb’s ahead of the over indulgence of the day. Christmas day brought personal bests for Beth Grayson in 27:06, Alison Grayson in 27:15, and Julie Elsey in 29:09. Other BAR runners were Paul Simpson, Nicola Simpson, Chris Lees, Paul Berry, Will Retchless, Paul Garyson, James Wigglesworth, Raymond Lightle, Laura Hewitt, David Fox, Ruth Hancock, Joanne Wigglesworth.

Keeping it up at Parkruns after Christmas 9 BAR members were out and about at five different Parkruns across the country. Locally at Northallerton runner were Paul Bainbridge, Nicky Harland, Ann Harrington, at Darlington South Park, Raymond Lightle. A little further from home at Albert Park, Middlesbrough Laura Hewitt was running and at Fountains Abbey; Michelle Dinsdale, Joanne & James Wigglesworth. Down in the South Matt Randall was running at Bracknell. Roll on the New Year, good luck everyone in 2020!

McTaggart Trot

At Parkrun’s this last weekend Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) club members were out at a number of the local events. At Catterick 10 BAR members attended with personal bests (PB’s) for Paul Ellis in 19:18, Julie Elsey in 29:11 and Sarah Pardington in 32:29. Other regulars at Catterick where Matt Randall, Paul Bainbridge, Raymond Lightle, John Hunter, Karen Alford, Marian Hunter, Jess Mallinson. At Darlington BAR 2nd claim member Nicola Simpson achieved a PB of 20:54, finishing close behind Paul Simpson and running at Northallerton were David Adams, Helen Adams and Laura Hewitt.

On Sunday Julie Elsey, Paul Simpson and Nicola Simpson took part in The McTaggart Trot, raising money for St Teresa’s Hospice. This is a fun team run of mixed ability, in teams of 3 setting off together from Barton village on a 10.8 mile route. Fancy dress and silliness is encouraged, running together with your team to the 3.5 mile point dropping the first runner. The remaining two continue on to the 7 mile point where the second runner will drop off and the last runner of the team will complete to total distance. Julie found this a great fun event, encouraging her to run faster than ever before.

Paul Simpson completed the total distance for his team, they finished 31st in 1:32:09. Nicola Simpson completed the total distance for her team, they finished 74th in 1:48:20. Julie Elsey completed the 1st leg with her team, the remaining 2 continuing on to finish 18th in 1:28:49.

Christmas and New Year Schedule

Our club and training schedule over the break is a little different to usual:

Monday 23rd December: Monday night speed session as usual (6.30pm, Bedale Station)
Wednesday 25th December: NO CLUB – but come join us at Catterick Christmas Day Parkrun
Monday 30th December: Monday night speed session as usual (6.30pm, Bedale Station)
Wednesday 1st January: NO CLUB

Monday 6th January onward – back to usual schedule for Mondays and Wednesdays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Thanks Pete

Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) have recently said a huge Thank You to Pete Richardson.

Pete founded the Monday night training group on behalf of BAR approximately 8 years ago. Pete has voluntarily supported the group tirelessly come rain or shine, enduring moans and seeing us grow. Proud of what he has achieved Pete is pleased that the club has developed to a point its coaching team can take on Monday evenings.

Pete isn’t resting he is continuing to supporting running across the North East, including his role as Parkrun Regional Support Ambassador. We hope to see Pete around at events and we wish him the very best in the future.

Christmas 5k and 1Mile Santa Fun run

On a wonderful December morning, chilly and crisp with a touch of frost in the air Santa, Rudolph and the elves were out for gallop! Bedale & Aiskew Runners (BAR) took over Bedale Park to host a Christmas 5k and 1Mile Santa Fun run.

The day was crisp and dry, the going was good to heavy in places! The rain over the preceding days had left its mark on the parts of the course off paths with wet slippery mud adding challenge to staying on your feet. Much enjoyment was had by all taking part and many cheering supporters and volunteers.

The 1Mile Santa Fun run was 1 lap of the course heading away from Bedale Hall, up Keepers Walk to the turning point at the Snowman’s nose! Slip sliding your way back down Keepers Walk and heading left handed round the park path to finish with the cheering crowds by the Bandstand. The 1Mile Santa Fun run saw 30 finishers, 10 of those were children of BAR members supported by parents and family. 1st across the finish line was Alfie Clarkson, 2nd Joshua Boyle and 3rd overall and 1st girl was Isabelle Smith. 4th overall and 3rd for home for the boys was Ashton Kitching, for the girls finishing 2nd was Abigail Smith and 3rd Niyah Conlin.

The Christmas 5k run this was 3 laps of the course, so 3 times the mud! A strong pace was set by the leaders 1st home was Anthony Jefford, 2nd Will Retchless, 3rd Trevor Schofield, these 3 made up the Senior male category. In the overall group of the ladies; 1st Rebecca O’Connell, 2nd and 1st under 12 Matilda Ellis, 3rd Rebecca Smith, the under 12’s girls was made up with 2nd Francesca Whapples, 3rd Dawn Griffin, in the Junior (13-19) 1st Beth Constantine. In the Senor ladies category 1st Rebecca O’Connell, 2nd Rebecca Smith, 3rd Claire Temple, and in the ladies 40+ category 1st Victoria Howard, 2nd Helen Cox and 3rd Karen Macpherson. The Male 40+ category was 1st Andy Schofield, 2nd Andy Styles, 3rd Paul Bainbridge, and the Boys under 12 category was 1st Austin Kelsey, 2nd Freddie Crowe, 3rd Lewis Campbell.

The distance is the same whether you are first or last, so a massive well done to everyone who took part. A big thank you to all the volunteers from BAR who made the event possible and providing a warm welcome for everyone and creating a great atmosphere, all the  smiles are what it is all about.

The full results can be found at:

1 Mile Santa Fun Run:

Christmas 5K:

Hardmoors Roseberry Topping

Hardmoors Rosedale Topping setting off from Guisborough on Brown Hill before picking up the Cleveland Way to the check point at Roseberry Topping. Returning and picking up the Cleveland Way onward through Kildale swinging east over Baysdale Moor, Great Hograh Moor and Westerdale Moor to Castleton finishing by returning to Guisborough. With 5977ft of ascent and strong winds  that were hard to stay upright in Stuart Black finished 49th of 119 in 6:41:50 and BAR 2nd claim member Lena Conlin finished her ‘just for fun’ 101st marathon in 7:50:50.

Travelling far afield and taking part in running events saw BAR member Paul Bainbridge in the blazing sunshine of Singapore. On Saturday Paul took part in Parkrun at East Coast Park, this is an out and back course following the picturesque coastline. Starting at 7:30am in 30 degree heat that feels like 40, Paul posted 24:54. The following day Paul and his daughter took on the Singapore City 5k. Starting at 8:30am from the F1 motor racing pit lanes, in heat like Paul had never having never experienced running before. On a flat course Paul finished in a remarkable 103rd out of over 4000 runners in a time of 25:42.

Two cracking weeks of Parkrun’s; 1st December saw 16 BAR members out and about. Twelve BAR members locally at Catterick with 6 fantastic personal best’s (PB’s) Claire Temple 24:28, Kirsty Temple 30:05, Joanne Sinnott 30.25, Ruth Hancock 31:01, Gemma Wardle 31:56, Sarah Pardington 32:31. Also participating in some Parkrun tourism Louise Baker headed to Tredegar House in Wales for Newport Parkrun, posting a strong time of 26:01 on a 3 lap route of undulating trail paths.

Saturday 8th December saw another good turnout of BAR members at Catterick, 10 members with a a PB for Ruth Hancock 30:43. Consistent strong times for James Bartram 19:39, Rebecca Smith 22:13, Paul Bainbridge 23:57, Raymond Lightle 25:33, Marian Hunter 28:44, John Hunter 29:07, and Sarah Pardington 32:44. At Darlington also strong times for Paul Simpson 20:01 and Jude Newell 29:04, with a PB for Stephen Newell 25:21.

Doncaster 10k

As the year draws to a close a few BAR members are still out on some damp autumn days taking part is races across the county. Will Retchless took a trip to South Yorkshire for Doncaster 10k, for the last 2 years at The Running Awards this has been voted Best 10k in Yorkshire. Held at Doncaster race course with a horse racing theme the route is fast and flat with excellent opportunities of spectators. A huge field of over 2500 runners set off towards the town centre running a clockwise loop returning past the race course, up a slight include to the turning point and the final 2k towards the race course. Finishing in front of the Grandstand spurred on by the spectators Will aka ‘Rocket Retchless’ finished in 38:56, 125th of 2514 finishers, stretching his lead in the Club Championship.

On a persistently wet Saturday there was a strong field of BAR members out at local Parkrun’s, many of them attending Catterick 17 BAR members in total. A first Parkrun for Paul Grayson in an excellent 21:15, followed closely by Becky Smith in a personal best (PB) of 21:32, PB’s also for Simon Butcher in 29:37, Lisa Brain in 30:38, David Fox in 31:57 and Sarah Pardington in 33:05. Leading the ladies home at Catterick was BAR 2nd claim member Nicola Simpson in a PB of 20:30. Providing very valuable support by volunteering was Ann Harrington, Jessica Mallison and Matt Randall.

Two other BAR members where giving something back this weekend on the Hardmoors 80. Stuart Black and Lena Conlin where sweeping a section of the route from Hessle to Ganton. Hardwolds 80 route follows the Wolds Way from Hessle to Filey passing through chalk landscapes with dry valleys and stunning wildlife alongside market Towns and ancient villages such as Brantingham, Londesborough, Thixendale and the deserted medieval village of Wharram Percy, before arriving at the seaside resort of Filey.

Wensleydale Wedge

The last race of the season in the Club Championship, the Wensleydale Wedge a 23 mile race organised by the Nidderdale Long Distance Walkers Association. The route sets off from the Temperance Hall Askrigg heading west to Bainbridge, quickly starting to climb and passing round Semerwater. Before starting to turn east and heading towards Aysgarth and on to Castle Bolton, finally returning to Askrigg. Much of the route travelling on footpaths with mud, mud and more mud along the way. Through these tough conditions there were some fantastic results for BAR members, finishing 2nd in 3:39 was Paul Ellis, followed shortly be BAR 2nd claim member and 1st lady home Nicola Simpson with Paul Simpson at her side they both finished in 3:47. Good results also for Stuart Black in 5:03, Lena Conlin in 5:25, Tash Miller & Becky Morris in 5:59 and Julie Elsey in 8:43.

A few BAR members headed to Tadcaster 10 a 10 mile race setting off from Tadcaster centre before heading out East, taking in the villages of Catterton, Healaugh and Wighill all on road. Finishers were Jude Newell in 1:41:59, Jane Wilkinson in 1:44:27 and Joanne Sinnott in 1:46:58.

The 68th Brampton to Carlisle Road Race, reputedly the oldest surviving 10 mile road race in the United Kingdom. This linear route starting at William Howard School Brampton run on minor roads looping through Newby East and Crosby-on Eden, finishing at The Sands Centre Carlisle. In a large field Raymond Lightle was a solo runner from BAR finishing 2nd V70 in 1:21:15.

Lena’s 100 Marathon Club success

For one member of Bedale & Aiskew Runners (BAR) it has been a long journey to achieving an amazing achievement. After a build of up over 9 years, with many experiences along the way and not initially a planning to run 100 marathons. As the journey progressed, realisation of her achievements Lena’s path crossed with others already in the ‘100 Marathon Club’. Leading to a realisation of what was possibly with strong believe in herself Lena’s target changed.

This challenge has built up to the recent culmination in achievements after a muddy slip-slidy day running the hills of Hardmoors Goathland Trail Marathon to complete her 99th marathon. The very next day BAR 2nd claim member Lena took to the gentler surroundings of the old railway track between Knaresborough and Harrogate for Old Mother Shipton’s Shuffle. It was a 4 lap route for the marathon distance enabling mixing with people of different distances and the sharing of support for fellow runners along the way. Starting from the centre of Knaresborough climbing gently up through park land on to the old railway track between Knaresborough and Harrogate surrounded by beautiful countryside, for Lena this was a fantastic way to celebrate completing her 100th marathon in a fabulous 5:22:56

More of Lena’s story at

Hamsterley 10M

In the club championship a few BAR members headed up to the Run Durham Hamsterley 10 Miler. The race is one large loop with a challenging first 5km of steady climbs, run on forest trails returning to finish at the Nest Car Park near the middle of the Hamsterley Forest Drive. Picking up important points were Jason Ashford in 1:22:46, Raymond Lightle in 1:28:56, Jennifer Morrison Douglas in 1:44:48 and Ann Harrington in 1:45:14.

Over in West Yorkshire at Slaithwaite BAR club chairman Paul Ellis and Andrew Schofield ran a trail marathon, the Slaithwaite Slog. On an out and back route along the Huddersfield Canal though beautiful scenery over tarmac, cobbles, fields, tunnels and hills. This returned a fantastic result for both BAR members, Paul was 1st in 3:16:09 followed closely in 2nd by Andrew in 3:22:09.

Over in a very wet Lake District at Derwentwater Ten in the 60th running of this 10mile race, setting off from Kestwick town centre. Leaving town on the Borrowdale Road heading to Grange then returning up the west side of the Derwentwater finishing at Keswick School. In poor conditions a steady run for Raymond Lightle finishing 282nd in 1:30:52.

Hardmoors Goathland Trail Marathon starting from Goathland village hall on a circular route of hills, looping round Levisham and returning over the moor to Goathland. On a chilly morning but thankfully dry after all the rain recently, this had added some challenging slippery conditions to the route and leg sapping mud in place. Running over a total distance of 28.3 miles Stuart Black fished 48th in 6:49:14 and BAR 2nd claim member Lena Conlin finished her 99th marathon in 7:35:47.

Catterick Parkrun takeover & C25k finale

A fabulous crisp sunny autumn morning with a nip in the air, Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) took over the Catterick Parkrun to celebrate the graduation of the 4th group of Couch to 5k (C25k).

With huge support from BAR club members and Catterick Parkrun volunteer regulars, cheering on all runners creating great spirit to the event. In addition to the volunteers there was a large contingent from BAR taking part, in total 23 members running. Helping runners along the way were a number of organised pacers from BAR of Will Retchless, Paul Ellis, Matt Randall, James Bartram and ensuring everyone was home safe were tail walkers; Christine Close & Louise Baker.

There were 13 BAR first timers at Catterick Parkrun, 12 of these were celebrating completing their C25k program, having been mentored for the last 9 weeks by the BAR coaches Paul Ellis, Becky Smith, James Bartram and Louise Baker, led by Chris Lees. Well done to; Sarah Truman, Tom McEneany, Ken Caple, Sean McEneany, Karen Banks, Claire Glover, Amy Walker, Rachel Mapplebeck, Claire Bean, Joanne Fawcett, Ali Mason and Lisa Brain.

Matilda Ellis daughter of BAR chairman Paul ran another amazing time in a personal best (PB) of 22:35. Inspired by her mum Ruth’s recent C25k progression Anaya Mason ran her first Parkrun in a fabulous 28:40 and Becky Smith ran with the company of both her daughters, Isabelle completing her first 5k Parkrun.

Thanks to those who marshalled, timed and scanned, great team effort.

Club Championship Darlington Parkrun

This last weekend saw the club Championship event head to Darlington Parkrun with a beautiful morning to run in South Park. A small number of Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) club members headed out to earn to possibly valuable Championship points. Leading the BAR team home and 4th overall was Will Retchless in a personal best (PB) of 18:48, first BAR lady home and extending her lead in the Championship was Becky Smith in an excellent 22:00. With a consistent performance Raymond Lightle in 25:57, Helen Banks in 30:23, Jane Wilkinson in 30:31, Laura Hewitt in 30.31, Ruth Hancock in 34:39 and Gemma Wardle 34:40.

At other local Parkruns; 5 BAR members attended Catterick bringing in a PB to Karen Alford in 28:23. Current C25k BAR member Joanne Fawcett completed her first Parkrun at Northallerton. A little further afield at York on the Knavesmire, regular Parkrun runners Paul and Nicola Simpson kept fantastically consistent in 20:56 and 21:33 respectively. Notching up tourist Parkruns Wendy Kelvin was further afield at Warwick Racecourse.

Abbey Dash & Trail running taster Fremington Edge

This last weekend saw Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) taking part is several events.

On a lovely bright sunny Sunday morning a group of 8 BAR members took a trip up to Reeth to explore a bit of trail running on Fremington Edge. After a short stretch on roads, the remainder was over a mix of terrains: grass, stony tracks, mud and water with challenging uphill’s and steep downs. A steady run keeping the group together with technical coaching from experienced ultra trail runner Stuart Black and club head coach Chris Lees – and as always fun for all. They returned feeling wind battered and weary legged but full of accomplishment and ready for the amazing cakes at Overton House Cafe!

While in Leeds a few members were taking to the roads for the Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash, a 10k road race setting off from the Headrow. On an out and back route heading away from the city centre on the A65 to the turning point at Kirkstall Abbey and returning to finish in front of the Town Hall. In her first 10k Ruth Hancock finished in a fabulous 1:06:48, continuing some excellent development Katy Bamber finished in a personal best (PB) of 1:04:43, Wendy Kelvin in 1:14:22 and BAR 2nd claim member Nicola Simpson in 42:46 for 6th in F45 category.

Having some fun slip sliding about at Ormesby Hall on a ‘Trust10’, Jude Newell took part in this 10k trail run on a 2 lap course in the grounds of the National Trust’s Ormesby Hall. Setting off from the front of the house heading away on tracks and field boundaries up and down the hills. Turning away from the house heading down tracks and through the woods before passing the house and repeating the lap of the fields, finishing in front of the house with supporting crowds. Trust10’s are free to enter runs take place at National Trust properties across the country, with the emphasis on taking part and having fun while experiencing spectacular scenery.  (

On Saturday a few members took part is local Parkruns, at Catterick 4 BAR members attended Paul Simpson, Raymond Lightle, John Hunter and Michelle Dinsdale. At Darlington South Park BAR club chairman; Paul Ellis was out achieving a PB in 19.39, maybe a practice run ahead of the Championship Parkrun date at Darlington South Park on 2nd November.

North Yorks & South Durham Harriers League Cross Country

Bedale & Aiskew Runners (BAR) have registered with the North Yorks & South Durham (NYSD) Cross Country for the 2019/20 season. This opens up the option for all BAR members if they wish to take part in as many of the meeting as they wish. You collect your race number at this at the 1st race you attend for a one off fee and keep this for the season taking it to all meetings.

As well as being an individual sport it also incorporates a team component, the league races award a point based system for each male and female category as well as team points. Awards at the end of the season for the top teams and individuals are made at the end of the season. Teams are made up of 4 under 17, under 20, senior & vet ladies and mens teams are of 6 under 20, senior & vet men.

Senior men and veteran men to age 64 race over approximately 6 miles. Ladies, veteran ladies, men over 65 and junior men / ladies run approximately 3 to 4 miles. All meetings start at 11am, [senior ladies (& M65) race will be approx. 11.45am and the senior men’s race will be approx 12.30pm].

Fixtures 2019/20

6th October        NYSD Cross Country Meeting 1, Acorn Centre, Acklam Grange, Middlesbrough

10th November  NYSD Cross Country Meeting 2, Caedmon School, Whitby

24th November  NYSD Cross Country Meeting 3, Fox Rush Community Woodland, Redcar

8th December     NYSD Cross Country Meeting 4, Summerhill Country Park, Hartlepool

19th January       NYSD Cross Country Meeting 5, Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough

16th February     NYSD Cross Country Meeting 6, Old Racecourse, Richmond

1st March            NYSD Cross Country Meeting 7, Croft Circuit, Dalton, Darlington

22nd March        NYSD Cross Country Relay meeting & presentations, South Park, Darlington

Runners must be paid up members of BAR and wear their club vest and number on the front of the vest.

Cross Country is a winter running activity, the season typically runs from mid September to March. Many athletes from club runners to elite athletes use cross country races in the winter months to build on and improve their strength and endurance running. Cross country running is very different from road and track running.  Every year, even if a course layout remains the same, conditions under foot and weather conditions will change so it’s hard to compare one year to the next.  But that in itself can be quite refreshing as the emphasis is not necessarily on your times or pace per mile – it can be more about the challenge that lies ahead whether that’s conquering the course, adapting to the varying terrain and winter weather conditions or competing against your nearest rival.

“Cross-country is a tough discipline as courses can be hilly, muddy or even snow-covered. But it makes you strong and it’s a great way to progress your training.” – Mo Farah

In addition to the league there are Championships:

North Eastern Counties



Further information at

If you’re interested in taking part let a committee member know.

Yorkshire 10M & Marathon

As the autumn cools down the Championship hots up with Yorkshire 10 Mile, a flat course good for speed saw 10 BAR members take the challenge. The race begins in the heart of the City of York, passing various historic landmarks including the stunning York Minster and the impressive medieval   City Walls. Before taking to some scenic country lanes passing through the village of Murton and Osbaldwick before you descend to the finish line. First home for BAR and 10th in M50 category was Chris Lees in 1:08:25 in a tough battle for position with team mate Jason Ashford in 1:08:33, Ben & Becky Smith both finishing in personal best’s (PB’s); Ben in 1:11:34 and Becky in 1:15:39 and 8th in F35 category. Second in the M70 category; Paul Bainbridge in 1:20:30, followed home by Alison Grayson in 1:27:59, Alison Barron in 1:37:17, Katie Watson in 1:37:17, Jane Wilkinson in 1:46:10 and Joanne Sinnott 1:58:51.

A few BAR members took the longer distance of the Yorkshire Marathon, setting off on the route of the Yorkshire 10 Mile and heading into more picturesque countryside through the Vale of York. BAR members Paul Simpson & Ann Harrington both ran PB’s, Paul in 3:15:51 and Ann in 4:52:56. Also running from team BAR was Ken Mountain 5:36:48 & Michelle Dinsdale 6:10:48 and BAR 2nd claim member Lena Conlin in her 98th marathon finished in 4:33:49.

Five BAR members attended 4 different Parkrun’s around the country. At the local Northallerton Parkrun in his first Parkrun, Stewart McLaren finished in a fabulous 23:59. Travelling further afield to Brueton, in the West Midlands; David Oldacres finished in 30:57.

Taking on an event of a different type, running with their dog’s, in the 8k SYD (Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs) Tough Mutter at Camphill Estate. This was a trail run through the woodland and ponds of the estate on a 2 lap route giving the option of 4 or 8km. Ruth Hancock and Sharon Ellis with their canine companions and family took on the challenges with lots of fun.

Looking forward to next week there is a fun social night run, a 5k in the stunning surroundings of Fountains Abbey. Gates open at 6.30pm for 7pm, with head torches to light your way, booking is essential for more information; .

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