Transitional and intermediate program

We offer this program for people who want to:

  • transition from 5k to 10k or 10k to half-marathon distance;
  • improve their performance at distances between 10k and half-marathon; or
  • transition from another sport into running.

The program typically runs over a two month period, and participants can expect:

  • One-to-one assessments with the coach twice during the program to plan and review your individual training schedule
  • Three to four coached training sessions each week, including Monday evening interval sessions, the Wednesday evening club run, Saturday morning sessions (which will usually be one to two hours) and a fourth (typically longer) group run most weeks
  • The opportunity to try different techniques, diet and products to discover what works best for you
  • Coaching support between sessions as required

The program has been designed for athletes who are already confident at the 5k distance and can run 5k in between 20 minutes and 35 minutes. It is individual-centred, and participants set their own goals with the coach for the program. The program itself focusses on four main themes:

  • Fuel and nutrition – which looks at the approach to pre-, post- and mid-race food and drink, and also more broadly at diet to support your running goals.
  • Energy systems – understanding how they work, what role they play in your performance, and how to target training at developing specific energy systems.
  • Efficiency – including the muscle groups involved in running, the difference between strength, endurance and speed, and how to effectively cross-train as well as skills and technique.
  • Psychology – covering the mental factors affecting performance, race-day tips, managing adrenaline and ‘marginal gains’ to improve race times.

For the latest programs and to register, please visit RP Programs.

If there’s anything else you would like to know, please drop the head coach Chris Lees an email at or give him a call on 07773 770737.

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