Club Championship Results 2017

Club Championship is split into Male and Female, and for each race you compete in, you are given a score (maximum of 20) based on your end position in the race compared with other BAR members. Total score is based on your best 5 Championship race results.

MALEPosRaces runTotalMuddy BootsLightwater ValleyDarlington ParkrunFountainsWensleydale WanderRiponMelmerbyFountains ParkrunNorthallerton ParkrunJames Herriot TrailDarlingtonScortonSessay SwiftSnapeRichmond CastleShaun Lee Johnstone
Jamie Berry19100181920202020202020
Paul Ellis25972020201918
Paul Berry311961918191819171917192019
Chris Lees45921619181920
Raymond Lightle51290131819191715171617141215
Paul Simpson6990181817181815141817
Paul Bainbridge79851215191717161613
John Hunter810811017161616131611813
James McCormack85811517181516