Club Championship Rules 2022

The club championship rules have been designed to recognise the best male and female runners in the club, to encourage people to take part in race events, and to recognise exceptional performance for age and sex.

To take part in the championship you have to run in qualifying races and meet some basic criteria. Your scores are based on your performance against either the entire field of runners in that event, or, in the case of the handicap, against the world record holder for that distance of your age and sex.

Championship season and races

The championship runs in calendar years, with races mostly in the eight months from February to October.

In each month events have been selected as the ‘Club Championship Races’, with some events offering multiple races of varying lengths. For the full list of selected races, see Club Championship Races.

Unlike in previous years, there are no “wild card” races – only the listed club championship races will count.

Race scoring – Club Championship

The points scored for each race are based solely on your overall finishing position. This means that every person you pass in the home straight will improve your score!

The race winner gets 10 points; the person who finishes last gets 0 points; and the finishers in between get points in proportion to their position. Runners who start but do not finish score 0.

The formula for working out your score is:

Score = ( 1 – [finishing position] – 1
[total number of people starting race] – 1
) x 10


  1. The number of starters will be defined as the total number of people listed in the results including those that did not finish.
  2. The finishing position is determined by chip time when it is available. If chip time is not available, then the finishing position will be determined by gun time, and if neither chip nor gun time is available, by the finishing order published by the event organiser.

So, for example, in a race where 201 runners start:

  • The winner gets 10 pts;
  • Second would get 9.95 pts;
  • The 101st finisher would get 5 points (as they are exactly half-way – 100 people finished ahead of them and 100 people finished behind them); and
  • The 201st placed (last) would get 0 pts.

Race scoring – Handicap

The handicap scoring system uses data collated by World Masters Athletics (WMA) to adjust individual performances for age and sex. For details of how this calculation is done, please see

Qualifying and race selection

In order to qualify for the Club Championship and Handicap you must take part in at least one of the Club Championship Races. Up to six qualifying races can count towards your score, and these need not be the same six races for the Club Championship as for the Handicap.

A maximum of three races at any one distance can count. For example, you could count two Parkruns, three of the 10k races and the Yorkshire 10m.

You may take part in as many of the Club Championship Races as you want to, and your qualifying races for each competition will be chosen automatically based on your six best results from the races in which you competed.

For your participation in a qualifying race to count, you must:

  • Run in your own name – if you run using someone else’s name or entry, or someone else runs using yours, the race will not count
  • Run for the club – your entry must be made as a first claim member of the club, and – where this is shown by the event organisers – this must be listed in the results
  • Run in your club vest – even if it is worn over the top of other running tops, unless doing so would be in breach of the competition rules or be a risk to your safety


Awards will be given in both the Club Championship and Handicap to the top two men and top two women.

Each individual is only allowed to win one award in both the Club Championship and Handicap competitions. In the case that the winner and/or runner-up in each competition are also placed in the other, the one award that will be given, in the following order of priority:

  1. Winner of the Club Championship
  2. Winner of the Handicap
  3. Runner-up of the Club Championship
  4. Runner-up of the Handicap

If a runner would otherwise have received a second award, that award will be passed to the next highest scoring eligible runner in that competition.

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