The club championship rules have been designed to recognize the best male and female runners in the club, to encourage people to take part in race events, and to recognize both short distance runners and endurance runners. 

To take part in the championship you have to run in six qualifying races (which may include one “Wild Card” race!), and your scores are based on your performance against either the entire field of entrants (not just the performance of other club members), or, in the case of the handicap, against the world record holder for that distance of your age and sex. 

The championship season and races 

The championship runs in calendar years, with races mostly in the eight months from February to October. 

In each month up to four events have been selected as the ‘Club Championship Races’, with some events offering multiple races of varying lengths. Link to Championship Races

Race scoring – Club Championship 

The points scored for each race are based solely on your overall finishing position (not compared to BAR club runners, but your position against the entire field). This means that ever person you pass in the home straight will improve your score! 

The race winner would get 10 points; the person who finished last would get 0 points; and the finishers in between get points in proportion to their position. 

The formula for working out your score is: 

Score = (1 –( [finishing position] – 1 )
[total number of people who started the race] – 1
) x 10

NOTE: people who do not finish always score zero. 

So, for example, in a race where 201 runners start: 

  • The winner gets 10 pts; 
  • Second would get 9.95 pts; 
  • The 101st finisher would get 5 points (as they are exactly half way – 100 people finished ahead of them and 100 people finished behind them); 
  • The 201st placed (last) would get 0 pts. 

Race scoring – Handicap 

The handicap scoring system uses data collated by the World Association of Veteran Athletics to adjust individual performances for age and sex. It takes the World Record for each age and distance, for men and women, and uses these as benchmarks. For example, if the world record for a 40 year old man running 10 miles is 46:32, and you are a 40 year old man and run 10 miles in 58:30, the age-graded performance is 79.5% (46:31 divided by 48:30). 

This calculation is available online thanks to the Good Run Guide at: 

Qualifying and race selection 

In order to qualify for the Club Championship you must score in at least six of the Club Championship Races. 

You may take part in as many of the Club Championship Races as you want to, and your qualifying races will be chosen automatically based on your six best results from the races in which you competed. 

In all cases you must be the named runner, if you are running in another persons place, it will only count if you are able to officially transfer the name to yourself.

Parkrun Race 

In a change to 2018 rules, there will be an option to include a 5km Parkrun result as on of your six races. There have been 4 selected on specific dates. Only 1 of these races can be counted towards your overall points, and the best scoring result will automatically be included in the result.

Wild Card Race 

In addition, you may nominate a “Wild Card” race to count instead of one of your six best Club Championship Races (or to count as the sixth race if you only ran Club Championship Races in five months). Wild Card events can be any official race that took place anywhere in the world which satisfies the following criteria (in the view of the committee): 

  • Is organized by a recognized (and where applicable, affiliated) running club or association; 
  • Is open to the general public (even if via a ballot); 
  • Has at least 100 people start the race on the day;
  • Uses chip timing;
  • You must be the named runner in the published results;
  • Is longer than 5k; and 
  • Publishes the results on the internet including finishing positions. 

If you wish to nominate a Wild Card race, please send the details of the race including the web address (url) of the website where the results are published to no later than December 31st. 

Club Championship and Handicap Awards 

It is customary for the club to give eight awards for the top two men and top two women in the Club Championship and the top two men and top two women in the Handicap. 

Each individual is only allowed to win one award in both the Club Championship and Handicap competitions. As it is often the case that the winners and runners-up in each competition are also placed in the other, the one award that will be given to such a runner will be the first on this list they qualify for:

  1. Winner of the Club Championship
  2. Winner of the Handicap
  3. Runner-up of the Club Championship
  4. Runner-up of the Handicap

If a runner would otherwise have received a second award, that award will be passed to the next highest scoring eligible runner in that competition.