Endure24 Leeds

Endure24 was my 1st ever event aged 60, what an experience. The nerves set in as a waited at the start line with hundreds of others but Lena a very expierenced runner who was going solo she assured me this was normal, we finally set off running to the encouragement and cheering from the spectators the atmosphere was buzzing. The course was an undulating gravel track but on advise from Lena you walk the hills and run down the other side and just enjoy the journey walking if you need too.
The course itself was so pretty with “Endure24” markered on the route and signs notifying each kilometer with marshalls at different checkpoints whos support gave us encouragement to keep going.
My team “legs11” waited for my notification that I had reached 7k so the next runner was ready for handover and as I approached a fellow runner shouted “well done” which made me smile.
Thanks to Lena I completed my 1st lap in 1hr, I was so chuffed and felt honoured to have run with her over the finish line whilst she went on to complete 19 more laps. I myself had just 1 more lap to run a few hours later.
I was so emotional having achieved my 1st ever event and the hugs and support from my fellow Bedale and Aiskew Runners was just lovely.
what an absolute pleasure to have been part of Endura24 2022 with 5 teams and 2 solo runners from BAR , my 1st ever event completed and how proud I felt to be part of the club.
My admiration goes to anyone and everyone taking part wether solo or in a team it really is a runners Glastonbury. If you can cope with sleep deprivation , portaloos, queues for showers and camping and most of all support from all I highly recommend.

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