The 2.6 Challenge

This Sunday should have been the 40th London Marathon in the current situation of lockdown with many fundraising events being cancelled the London Marathon organisers have launched The 2.6 Challenge.  The idea being that from Sunday 26th April you get involved by participating in an activity that involves 2 and 6, whether that be running of walking 2.6 miles, walking up and down stairs 26 times or building in some strength training to support your running with 26 squats, lunges or burpees I know how you all love them!

I see a number of Bedale and Aiskew Runners (BAR) have been getting involved with the #twopointsixchallenge, our Chairman Paul Ellis was blasting out 26 off road hill reps while Sharon completed a fantastic 2.6 miles of hill reps. A brilliant example that it can be something to suit your ability.

A number of other BAR members have been getting involved with a relay challenge organised by PB Sports Therapy, split into 43 legs with 73 runners involved #PBRelayChallenge covered a total of 180.34 miles. Helped be BAR members Paul and Nicola Simpson completeing Harmby / Spennithorne to Hunton, Ann Harrington with Rookwith to Spennithorne for a scenic run across the fields, Becky Smith with Masons Gin to Bedale Sport club. After a false start on Saturday and needing some medical treatment Lena Conlin went virtual to Bedale beck to Snape, hope you mend soon Lena.

Coming up from BAR we are introducing a Virtual C25k, to help those who are struggling, may have fallen out or love, are returning from injury or simply want to seize the moment to start. There will be 3 sessions a week Monday, Wednesday and Saturday over 9 weeks, following a downloadable App, with the support of the Bedale & Aiskew Runners club coaches on hand to message and ask question of. Sharing of your personal activities and achievement will be encouraged within a Virtual C25k group, for more information


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