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Lock down is here and we are having to work out what is our new normal! To continue to give a variety of ideas here is a couple of routes; one short one and a longer one. Keeping close to Bedale, enabling routes to be adapted to setting off from home.

‘It’s not Parkrun’ Exelby

Leaving Exelby heading away from the Green Dragon towards on the lane towards Exelby Close, following this to the end. Picking up the footpath to Lord’s Moor Farm on reaching Lord’s Lane turn right. At the end of Lord’s Lane turn right on to Exelby Road, passing Bridge Grange Farm crossing the narrow bridge. Shortly afterwards taking the road on the left, Westfield Lane at the end turning right and returning to Exelby for a 5.1k.

To shorten this route at Westfield Lane you can continue to follow Exelby Road back to the Green Dragon giving a 4.4k.


Round Bedale half

Setting off from the Market Cross in Bedale towards Bedale Golf club and onwards towards BSC. Before reaching BSC pick up the footpath across the back if the football and cricket pitches passing through the small gate and on across the field. Continuing to follow the field boundary over a stile and along the next field. On reaching the track turn right crossing the railway line, continuing to follow the footpath as it narrows through trees and on around field boundaries until you reach Kirkbridge. On meeting the road follow this through Langthorne and on towards Hackforth, turning right before the village on to Bowbridge Lane.

Meeting the relief road turning left following the road over the fly-over then turning right towards Kirkby Fleetham, following Low Street to Leeming Bar. Picking up the route of the old ‘Great North Road’ through Leeming Bar and on to Leeming Village, at the end of the Village take Mill Lane opposite the Willow Tree pub. Baring right on Mill Lane on to the footpath following this along the side, then under the A1, over the roundabout at McDonald’s down the short footpath to Bedale Road.

Turn left towards Bedale and on the last leg of the route, as you reach the boundary of Aiskew take the footpath to the left. Cross the railway line and on through the foot gate to the right, follow the track across the top of the fields as it bends left and down the next field, bare right across the end of a field then right again to a stile leading to Love Lane. Turning left on Love Lane, then taking the footpath to the right towards Big Sheep Little Cow and on down Back Lane at the end turn left, then bare right up Emgate to the finish at the Market Cross.

Looking ahead to next weekend and looking for a bit of inspiration! How about showing your support to the hard work of our NHS staff with #5KGardenGrind. Take inspiration from the French man Elisha Nochomovitz who spent a grand total of 6 hours and 48 minutes running 26.2 miles around a 7m balcony of his apartment in Toulouse. Imagine that….

More information about #5KGardenGrind at;

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