Press update – 20th August

The Scorton Feast Memorial 10K race was the latest in the Bedale Club’s Championship. Unusually for this flat, off road, scenic race, only 102 were taking part with five Bedale runners among them.
Paul Berry and Raymond Lightle had run in the Catterick Parkrun the day before, with Paul finishing 9th overall and 2nd in his age group in a time of 20.13, and Raymond 30th overall and 1st in his group in 23.40. At Scorton they were both 2nd in their age groups with Paul pleased with his time of 42.49 and 19th overall, and Raymond finished in 49.19 and 42nd overall.

Will Retchless had a good run at Scorton finishing one place behind Paul Berry in a time of 43.59, closely followed by Ben Smith in 22nd and 45.12. John Hunter was 4th in his age group in a time of 64.24 and 89th overall. All were cheered in by a good contingent of Bedale supporters, to set up some fast finishing sprints.

James Bartram ran his first ever Parkrun at Catterick finishing in an excellent time of 21.11 for 14th place. Anne Johnson was appearing for the 18th time this year, the second most appearances in the club, finishing 1st in her age group, in a time of 28.09 and 58th overall.

Photo: Bedale and Aiskew Runners at the Scorton Feast Memorial 10K last Sunday.
Left to right: Ben Smith, Paul Berry, Raymond Lightle, Will Retchless, John Hunter.

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