Couch to 5k – for complete beginners – starts Wednesday 19th September

We are delighted to offer a 9 week program for people who are complete newcomers to running and would like to get started. No previous running experience or level of fitness is required – just some comfortable trainers and a little determination is all you need!

Our qualified course leader will guide and encourage you through the program, which will involve three activities per week from the 19th September to the 17th November with the goal of you being able to run 5k without stopping. And you’ll also be part of our lovely running club and get to meet new people (not all of whom are completely crazy!) who you can continue your running with after the course.

Running is good for your heart and joints, makes you feel good (runner’s high is a real thing, just don’t expect one on day 1 necessarily!), is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, builds leg and ab muscles, and is great for your mental health too.

If you are interested in taking part and would like to find out more information or sign-up please email us at


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