Redmire Social Run – Sunday 1st July

As some of you are aware, we are planning on doing a run / cycle from Redmire back to Bedale (BASA / BSC). We would like to invite all of our members and their families should they wish to join. After the run / cycle, we are planning on having a social get together afterwards with food at BASA which the food will be provided for.  For those wishing to stay for food, please could you give an indication of numbers to help with our planning. The bar will be open for all drinks, tea and coffee will also be provided for free of charge. We ask that if anyone has any food allergies or intolerances, please could you let us know in advance of buying the food. Alternatively, members are welcome to join afterwards at BSC for a get together but we do ask that you advise us in due course, again so that we can plan in good time for the required amount of food. Food will consist of sandwiches, chips and various other snacks like we do on our away runs.
If you wish to take any spare clothes for after the run, BSC will be open from 0930-1000 AM on the Sunday morning to allow for you to drop bits off.
The aim of the run / cycle is to catch the local train from Bedale up to Redmire on Sunday 1st July at 11.09. We are planning on meeting from 10.30 onwards at the station to buy tickets prior to the journey. Wensleydale Railway have offered us a discount card which enables one person to sign up allowing up to 3 other members to join him or her for a discounted fare. For those of you who sign up to one of these, fares will be £7.50 each instead of £9.50 to Redmire. Those who wish to get off the train and join the run / cycle in Leyburn, this will cost £6.00 with the discount card or £8.00 without. Our route goes from REDMIRE – LEYBURN – COVERBRIDGE – FINGHALL – BEDALE which is at least 70% off road. If you aim on meeting at Coverbridge, please could you make your own transport arrangement to get there. There is an option to get a later train and get off at Finghall at a reduced price. However, there would be a fairly long wait so we suggest that you make alternative transport arrangements to get there.
The train will take us approximately 45 minutes to get up to Redmire where we will begin our day. For those of you joining us here, the run will be 18 miles. As we head down the valley towards Leyburn our intention is to allow those who would like a shorter run to tag along and head back to Bedale. The first calling point will be in Leyburn at the Station and this will be 13 miles home. From there we will run to Coverbridge pub (Coverbridge Inn), for a brief breather. This will be approx. 10 miles back to Bedale. Our final calling point will be in Finghall at the junction opposite the pub which will be 5.5 miles back.
Approximate times for the calling points are:
Start Redmire – 12.00 NOON
Leyburn – 13.00 HOURS
Coverbridge – 14.00 HOURS – SET OFF APPROX 14.15
Finghall – 15.15 HOURS
BSC – 16.15 HOURS
For those of you wishing to join at the various calling points, we recommend that you are there on the earlier side. All times are an approximate and we’d rather you were there waiting than not be there at all. If you are planning on being at one of the above, please could you let one of us know who is participating so we know to look out for you.
There will be a pool car travelling close by with a first aid kit and bottles of water should any one need a quick drink.
Those who are looking to take part on their bikes, we have a limit of 12 bikes on the train at 11.09 at no extra cost. All you need to pay is for your ticket up to the Station. We ask that you let us know no later than the 27th June so that we can inform the railway in advance.
If there is anything that has been missed, or anyone requires further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.
There is a local residents discount card that can be purchased for those who wish to print out and complete – Wensleydale Railway Discount Card. Forms will also be available with Mary on a Wednesday night so please ask her for a copy upon arrival.
We will be making announcements on a Wednesday night in case you haven’t seen this!

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