Lightwater Valley 10k

Some absolutely amazing times at Lightwater Valley 10k today, well done to everyone who took part.

Name Position Time
Chris Lees 20 43:25:00
Will Retchless 30 45:24:00
Paul Simpson 32 45:39:00
Nicola Simpson 35 45:57:00
Jake Gallini 60 49:53:00
Paul Bainbridge 66 50:40:00
Raymond Lightle 76 51:50:00
Louise Coggrave 117 58:38:00
James McCormack 118 58:50:00
John Hunter 147 64:00:00

*Please note the Championship table will be updated in early May, once the membership list has been updated. All fully paid members will be eligible to include Championship races they have taken part in prior to April. Please contact Becky Morris –, if you have any questions on this.

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