Muddy Boots 10K

Richard Woods (85) 48:59, Margarita Grigoriadi (102) 50:13, Peter Richardson (114) 51:00, Stephen Newell (123) 51:45, Andy Gibb (148) 53:28, Robert Haw (153) 53:53, Chris Appleton (158) 54:05, Malcolm Lavin (163) 54:54, Paul Bainbridge (172) 55:30, Vicki Howarth (177) 55:51, Helen Shields (187) 56:24 (PB), Vicki Davidson (191) 56:52, Sarah Murdin (194) 56:52, Sally Reed (239) 61:08.                                  (329 runners)

Paul Bainbridge’s view of the Muddy Boots.

    The St Wilfred’s Muddy Boots 10Km race is always popular as spring approaches, and local runners are getting excited about the longer days and warmer temperatures.
    When I moved back North to retire it was one of the first races I took part in, in 2008. I was a little shocked at my time on that first encounter, to then discover the actual distance was a significant amount over the usual 10Km.
    I had reached the next age group by 2009 and the time was slightly better. I thought then that being a young M60 was going to be the pinnacle of my running career. However I was a good minute slower the next year, to be followed by a similar time in 2011. By 2012 I was slower still and by 2013, in my last year as an M60, times were becoming a secondary importance to being able to complete the course in one piece!
    However as the five years rolled by the enjoyment factor increased in proportion to the demise of the finishing times. To conquer the conditions and revel in the camaraderie that running allows, means more than getting that elusive PB. Next year I will be young again as an M65. Will the times reflect that new found youth?

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