Tholthorpe 10k

Raymond Lightle ran in the Tholthorpe 10k, completing it in an amazing chip time of 45:18 (96), and 9th in his age category.

(395 runners)

Sessay Swift

Club Championship Race #13 took place on Wednesday 23 Aug, in Sessay. A great turnout from the club, especially from the men, with 10 of you fighting for your points.

Results: Jamie Berry 23:02 (24); Paul Ellis 24:06 (36); Aron Lawrence 24:16 (39); Paul Berry 24:27 (43); Thom Dobson 24:33 (45); Paul Simpson 26:21 (66); Raymond Lightle 27:38 (84); Paul Bainbridge 29:09 (106); Chris Appleton 32:12 (142); John Hunter 33:10 (149); Nicola Simpson 27:32 (82); Marian Hunter 34:02 (163).

(227 runners)

Championship results can be found on the Championship page.

Club Championship Results Update

The Club Championship table has now been updated following the Sessay Swift 6k on Wednesday.

Club Championship Link

Club Handicap Link

Scorton Feast 10k

Club Championship race #12. Another race with the Berry family taking the lead. Jamie once again taking the lead and finishing ahead of the BAR pack in 42:03 and in 13th place overall out of the 119 finishers. Paul finished 17th in 43:11, with Rita finishing very strongly 93rd in 60:15. Raymond Lightle finished in 50:15, 46th overall, and a close 2nd in his M60 age group. John Hunter completed the course in 60:50 for 95th overall. Nicola Simpson gained maximum points in the ladies club shield with a PB time of 48-47 and 40th place overall, and Paul Simpson finished well in 28th and a time off 45-37.

Darlington 10k

Great club turnout for the 11th Club Championship Race of 2017; Darlington 10k.

A 2 lap race, starting and finishing in the town centre, it was a very well supported occasion, on a warm summers day, with some great PBs!!

Results: Jamie Berry 41:06 (179 PB), Aron Lawrence 42:22 (238), Chris Lees 42:29 (251 PB), Paul Berry 42:39 (259 PB), Raymond Lightle 48:26 (534), Becky Morris 53:13 (925 PB), Becky Smith 53:24 (937 PB), Chris Appleton 54:48 (1033), Mark Stewart 54:14 (1093), John Hunter 57:44 (1180), Rita Berry 59:18 (1266 PB).

(1877 runners)











Catterick parkrun

A good turn out of BAR members at the Catterick parkrun this morning, with 2 PBs, and all finishing in the top half!!

Raymond Lightle 23:52 (25), James McCormack 24:04 (26), Philip Johnstone 24:09 (27), Nicola Watkinson 25:21 (31), Helen Simpson 25:53 (PB 44), Anne Johnson 26:48 (PB 50).

(108 runners)

Parkrun update

Well done to those who took part in parkrun this weekend.
Catterick: Paul Berry 21:00 (22), James McCormack 21:44 (29), Raymond Lightle 23:08 (43) PB, Anne Johnson 27:43 (88) – 171 runners
Darlington: Marian Hunter 28:08 (181) – 293 runners

James Herriot 14k

James Herriot 14K Trail Race took place on Sunday with a start and finish at Castle Bolton. The course was all off road with some testing up hill sections and a strong head wind to contend with.

As a Club Championship race, Jamie Berry stormed in to take maximum championship points with a time of 71.05 for an overall position of 72. Nicola Simpson took maximum points in the ladies championship with a time of 78.11 for 135th overall. Jamie’s dad Paul was 2nd club male to finish in 73.09 and 99th, and to make it a very successful family day, mum Rita completed her first ever race over this course in 103.21 and 305th. Paul Simpson ran well to finish 125th in 76.46, followed by Raymond Lightle in 176th and 82.37, and John Hunter in 310th in 104.43, out of over 350 finishers.

Ryedale Running Festival

Well done to those who ran in the Ryedale Running Festival.

Anna Welch took part in the half marathon, completing it in 2:17:21.

Rebecca Maggs took part in the 10k, completing it in 48:29, finishing 1st in her age category, and 4th female overall.

Speed demons at Catterick parkrun

James McCormack, Paul Simpson, Nicola Simpson and Raymond Lightle have hit Catterick parkrun today with some amazing results.

James achieved a PB, finished in the Top 20 and made a huge reduction on his average parkrun time of 24:40!

Nicola achieved a personal best 5km time, and was the first female in!!

James 21:04 (16), Paul 21:49 (23), Nicola 22:28 (26), Raymond 24:38 (48).

(147 runners)


Well done to everyone who ran in the DT30 run yesterday. A 30km race, starting at Muker, running up to the Tan Hill Inn (Great Britain’s highest pub), almost 3000ft, this is a challenging one! 

Richard Woods 3:48:57 (110), Lucy Atkinson 4:31:31 (201), Mary Brown 4:14:28 (163)

(262 runners)

Parkrun update

This week three members ran at Catterick; Raymond Lightle 24:05, Anne Johnson 27:56, James McCormack 28:16, Karen Bowen 35:00, whilst Louise Coggrave ran at Northallerton 27:02.


Warm one at Burn Valley Half

Some fantastic times for the BAR members at Burn Valley Half Marathon today. Well done to you all, a hard course on a warm day.

Paul Ellis 1:40:13 (28), Jamie Berry 1:43:15 (42), Paul Berry 1:46:03 (53), Paul Simpson 1:50:26 (69), Raymond Lightle 1:52:37 (72), Yvonne Smith 1:57:59 (104), Barbora Pekna 1:59:10 (110), Lena Conlin 2:02:59 (132), Andy Gibb 2:06:56 (142), Chris Appleton 2:16:16 (171), Rebecca Hesketh 2:31:20 (209).

Some high finishers in age categories: Jamie 6th (M), Raymond 4th (M60), Barbora 3rd (F), Yvonne 5th (F30), Lena (F50)

BAR came 7/15 in mens team and 5/7 in the womens.

(222 runners)

35 BAR members have now taken part in a parkrun since Xmas

Raymond is leading the way having done 12 races, with Paul Bainbridge nipping at his heels on 11. 

Harrogate 10k

Well done to Rebecca Maggs and Mark Stewart who took part in the Harrogate 10k today.

Rebecca completing it in 49:03 (187), 14/74 in her category and Mark in 54:47 (321), 42/55 in his age category.

(562 runners)

Ripon Triathlon

Well done Jamie Berry, who completed his first triathlon at Ripon yesterday, completing it in 2:40:03 (564) and 9th in age category.

Tom Dobson completed the race in 2:45:06 (646), and 32nd in age category. Another amazing achievement, well done Tom!!! 

(1000 racers)

Club Championship Race #9: Northallerton Parkrun

12 BAR members took part in the 9th Club Championship race today, Northallerton Parkrun. Some great times, two PBs and some very red faces, well done to everyone.

Paul Ellis 20:23 (4), Chris Lees 21:17 (6), Paul Berry 21:32 PB (7), Paul Simpson 22:46 PB (10), Paul Bainbridge 23:16 (11), Raymond Lightle 24:07 (14)

Nicola Simpson 23:45 (12), Becky Morris 25:22 (21), Nicola Watkinson 26:08 (24), Helen Simpson 26:30 (26), Louise Coggrave 27:08 (32), Anne Johnson 28:00 (45)

90 runners

Osmotherley Trail 12km

Well done Anna Welch, who raced in the Osmotherley Trail 12km today, completing it in 1.14.49, finishing 23rd overall and as the 10th female.

Lambton 10k

Raymond Lightle took part in the Lambton 10k, near Chester-Le-Street on Sunday. A mixed terrain course, running through countryside, including the beautiful Lambton Castle. Raymond completed it in 50:56.

Staveley Stampede

Well done to Paul, Chris and John who ran in the Staveley Stampede 10k today.

Paul Bainbridge 47:50 (55), Chris Appleton 53:27 (86), John Hunter 1:00:52 (136). 178 runners


Lena completes marathon number 50

Lena completes her 50th marathon…whilst also swimming 3.8km and cycling 180km in the Lakesman Triathalon, and achieving a huge PB in the process.

Well done Lena, you super woman!!!

Aycliffe 10K

Well done Raymond, who took part in the Aycliffe 10K on Sunday. Finishing in 47:06, positioned 114, and 6th in age group.

Catterick’s parkrun is now open!

Great turn out at Catterick Parkrun – well done everyone, fantastic times.

Tracey Tickner 29:07 (99), Carie-Ann Baker 28:07 (282), Anne Johnson 28:08 (283), Louise Coggrave 27:33 (264), Nicola Watkinson 26:48 (245), Charlotte Wardle 24:43 (191), Aron Lawrence 20:19 (33)

(503 runners)

BAR goes to Fountains Parkrun

A beautiful day for a parkrun, but very warm. Well done to everyone who took part today in one of our Club Championship races.

Jamie Berry 20:02 (21), Paul Berry 21:12 (31), Paul Simpson 22:40 (49), Raymond Lightle 22:48 (51), Paul Bainbridge 23:09 (57), Chris Appleton 26:49 (157). Raymond & Paul Bainbridge coming 1st & 2nd in their category.

Rebecca Maggs 23:11 (58), Nicola Simpson 23:28 (65), Becky Morris (PB) 25:03 (112), Rebecca Smith 26:04 (132). 

(365 runners)

Swaledale marathon

Well done to those who took part in the Swaledale marathon this weekend, a tough course!

Paul Ellis (41) 4:00, Helen Shields (121) 4:42, Yvonne Smith (169) 5:09, Mary Brown (231) 5:45, Jackie Hay (292) 6:39

Another one for Lena…just another 100 miles!

Lena completed the LDWA North York Moors 100 this weekend, starting at 12:00 on Saturday and finishing at 17:20 on Sunday. Well done Lena!!

Fantastic day for BAR at Melmerby 10k

Well done to everyone who ran on Sunday at Melmerby, especially on such a scorcher of a day. With Raymond finishing 1st in his category (M65), with Raymond, Paul and John winning M65 team overall, plus Becky getting a PB.

Jamie Berry 42:31 (62); Raymond Lightle 44:57 (93); James McCormack 45:07 (95); Paul Bainbridge 49:23 (145); Helen Simpson 54:04 (196); Becky Smith 54:45  (201); John Hunter 58:49  (233); Rita Berry 1:05:09 (278)

(319 runners)

Edinburgh Half Marathon

Well done to Andy Gibb and Chris Appleton for completing the Edinburgh Half Marathon!

Andy 1:54:23 (2585); Chris 2:07:44 (4865)

(9085 runners)

Ripon 10m

Well done to those who raced in the Ripon 10M today!

Jamie Berry 1:20:45 (95); Raymond Lightle 1:21:19 (103); Paul Simpson 1:23:25 (121); Helen Shields 1:24:56 (139); Paul Bainbridge 1:29:46 (196); John Hunter 1:47:19 (325)

(384 runners)

The Blister Sisters – Hardcastle 24

A massive congratulations to the ‘Blister Sisters’ (Julie Giblin, Kim Taylor-Maskell & Tessa Harker), who won 1st placed team at Hardcastle 24 (total of 9 teams) and were the only all female team.

A  24 hour endurance race, around a 5km course, completing a total of 37 laps. A truly inspirational achievement!

Sunderland Half Marathon

Becky Morris completed her first half marathon in 2:00:53 (833, 100 in category) yesterday

(1357 runners)

Lena’s amazing accomplishment – Hardmoors 110

Well done to Lena, who has completed the Hardmoors 110 miles race – completing it in 27hrs 36mins, as the 1st female.

A true inspiration to us all!!

Tees Barrage 10K

Well done to Paul and Nicola Simpson, great to see our new members doing so well!

Paul Simpson 47:20 (117), Nicola Simpson 51:07 (180)

(453 runners)

Reeth 10k/20k Trail

Well done to Paul Ellis, who ran the 20k in 1:44:51 (10th, 2nd in category)

(95 runners)

Hamsterley 10K 2017

Raymond Lightle 46:51 (65, 1st in category) and Kevin Gaskell 1:05:16 (239)

(270 runners)

Results Link

London Marathon 2017

A huge congratulations to Paul Berry and Yvonne Smith who completed the London Marathon yesterday!

Paul 3:34:56 (7218, 964 in category)
Yvonne 4:05:30 (14574, 1934 in category)

(40,382 runners)

Results Link

Helmsley 10K

Raymond Lightle (88) 47:49 (1st in Category)

(361 runners)

Hardmoors 26.2 White Horse Trail Marathon

Lena Conlin 5:33:06 (40) – 1st FV50


Wensleydale Wander

Long run (23M) : Paul Ellis 3:08, Helen Shields 3:45

Short run (12M): John Hunter 2:32

Long walk (23M: Sue Allen 7:41

(381 runners/walkers)

Yorkshire Half Marathon Sheffield

Thomas Dobson (998) 1:44:32

(5772 runners)